Verizon launches WebMD-based PHR

Giant telecommunications firm Verizon Communications is rolling out a PHR for 900,000 employees, dependents and retirees, with executives suggesting that such a platform can foster consumer-driven health system changes. The new records, known as the Verizon HealthZone PHR, is provided by WebMD, which offers Web-based, password protected access to records. When patients choose to enroll in the PHR, the record allows patients, as well as clinicians, pharmacies and labs, to enter and manage health information. The new PHR is an enhancement to Verizon's broader HealthZone portal,which offers health management features for consumers, including the WebMD Health Quotient health risk management tool. Verizon spends $3.5 billion per year on health care for this population--a sum which has increased 28 percent over the last three years alone.

To find out more about the Verizon initiative:
- read this Modern Healthcare piece
- read this Verizon press release

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