Utah state CIO resigns because of Medicaid data breach; Government creates new Alzheimer's resource website;

> Utah state Chief Information Officer Stephen Fletcher resigned his post this week after being asked to step down in the aftermath of the March Medicaid data breach, the Associated Press reports. The breach impacted roughly 780,000 Medicaid recipients, and compromised 280,000 Social Security numbers. Article

> As part of a massive $156 million plan to prevent Alzheimer's disease by 2025, the Obama administration launched its alzheimers.gov website, Kaiser Health News reports. The site boasts  Alzheimer's diagnosis information, in addition to resources for caregivers and information pertaining to insurance coverage and new treatment efforts. Article

> A telehealth monitoring guide from Intel and GE was found to be effective, according to preliminary results of a small pilot study conducted by researchers in Italy, medicaldevice-network.com reports. So far, doctors and nurses have been able to deliver successful follow-up care to 26 liver transplant patients in their homes using the device; the study is expected to involve 100 such patients. Post

And Finally… What happens if the book reports are bad? Does he go to time out? Article

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