Utah health law professor investigates data breach; CMS announces 81 new Health Care Innovation Awards recipients;

> After the medical information of nearly 780,000 Medicaid recipients in Utah was compromised in March, University of Utah health law professor Leslie Francis, whose Social Security number had been exposed, decided to find out why, considering she is not covered by Medicaid. Francis believes that a hospital provider had been inquiring to the Utah Health Department about whether she was covered by Medicaid, but can't prove it as the hospital refuses to tell her, citing HIPAA. Article

> Healthcare technology company Independa recently announced a partnership with Qualcomm Life in which the former will incorporate the latter's 2net Platform into its Artemis telecare monitoring solutions products geared toward helping the elderly. The 2net Platform is a cloud-based service that allows for wireless transfer, storage and display of medical device data. Announcement

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced the recipients of 81 new Health Care Innovation Awards last week. Overall, CMS is spending $1 billion on the 107 projects, and anticipates savings of $1.9 billion in healthcare costs over the three years of the grants. List of recipients

And Finally… This sort of thing happens way too much. Article


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