UCSD engineers create blood-flow simulations to improve cardiac pumps for children; ONC updates Health IT Dashboard;

> Blood-flow simulations created by engineers at the University of California, San Diego, could help improve the design of cardiac pumps for children born with heart defects, the school announced this week. The engineers have successfully simulated blood flow within the Berlin Heart, the only cardiac pump for young children approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The next step, they say, is to understand how clots form inside the pump. Announcement

> Researchers in Malaysia are trying to teach a computer to interpret human emotions based on lip patterns, according to a study recently published in the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. They believe that such a technology breakthrough could eventually help people with disabilities to use devices, such as voice synthesizers, with better efficiency. Announcement

> The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT recently updated its Health IT Dashboard to include more comprehensive health IT progress, particularly in provider adoption of IT tools, including electronic health records. Website

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