U. of Wisconsin offers online HIT courses; Color-coded charts lay out various health IT deadlines;

> Health information technology continues to grow as a study option for college students. The latest school to jump on the bandwagon is the University of Wisconsin, which is offering online Bachelor's degrees in HIT and health information management, Health Data Management reports. Post

> To hear about the various (and, some say, onerous) health IT implementation deadlines is one thing, but to see them laid out is quite another. CSC's Erica Drazen does just that in a pair of color-coded charts she shares this week with Healthcare Informatics. "I had to color-code the years, because look at what happens in 2012 for docs," she says in an accompanying interview. "How could you possibly keep track?" Post

> Panasonic's new CardioHealth Station, a device used to streamline the process of determining a patient's cardiovascular health, is playing a key part in helping the company to expand into the healthcare industry, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. Article

And Finally... Maybe he was planning on delivering those DVDs to children as Easter presents. Article