Trend: E-prescribing top HIT issue for 2008

It's looking like e-prescribing is going to be the hottest health IT issue under discussion in 2008, according to a growing list of observers and stakeholders in the industry. For one thing, much could happen if a recent bill requiring Medicare physicians to adopt e-prescribing by 2011 gets passed. The bill, sponsored by Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is stalled in committee, but the idea is a popular one, observers note. Not only that, HHS head Mike Leavitt is encouraging private payers to push providers in this direction, too. Then, consider that the DEA appears to be ready to let providers prescribe controlled substances electronically, and it begins to look like e-prescribing is getting more practical than it had been, too. 

All told, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that this year will be an e-prescribing turning point. The main question, now, will be how long it will take to get the systems in place and the physicians actually using the technology.

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