Training med students on ultrasound devices helps improves diagnosis; Uber expands flu delivery service;

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> Training medical students on handheld ultrasound devices can help them give more accurate diagnosis, according to a study by researchers at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. "Our study findings show that the addition of handheld echocardiography as a component of students' diagnostic skill set can substantially enhance the accuracy of physical diagnosis, even when introduced at the earliest stages of the students' training," said the study's lead author David Vorchheimer, M.D. Announcement

> After an "overwhelming" response to Uber's home-delivered flu vaccinations and prevention packs, the company is expanding the services to other cities, including Chicago, according to Health Data Management. The service includes prevention packs that contain EmergenC, water and a mini hand sanitizer. Article

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> Hospitals should focus less on innovation and more on imitating proven approaches that actually work and adapt them for industry use, according to a Harvard Business Review article. Article

> Older American adults are sicker than those in 10 other countries, with nearly seven in 10 dealing with at least two chronic conditions, according to an international survey published in Health Affairs. Article

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> The Obama administration inadvertently added 380,000 standalone dental subscribers to its total count of Affordable Care Act healthcare subscribers. Article

And Finally... Something new, something borrowed and something double-ply. Article