Texting heart medication reminders improves adherence; Virtual reality hands can help stroke survivors;

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> According to research recently presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions in Dallas, texting heart medication reminders improved patient adherence. In a 30-day, randomized controlled trial of 90 coronary heart disease patients, one group received customized text education messages and medication reminders; a second group received education messages only; and a third group received no texts. The text messaging groups had a 16 percent to 17 percent higher rate of taking correct doses and a higher rate of taking doses on schedule compared to the group who didn't receive text messaging. Announcement

> In more news from the AHA's Scientific Sessions, virtual reality hands may help stroke survivors recover hand function. "Using a brain-computer interface, we've created an environment where people who may be too physically impaired to move can practice mental imagery to help regain use of their arms and hands," said Alexander Doud, M.S., lead author of the research. Announcement

> Rural hospitals in Arkansas will receive funding for health IT, according to the Saline River Chronicle. Rural communities throughout the state can apply to receive funding to connect their hospitals to the state's electronic health records database, Delta Regional Authority Federal Co-Chairman Chris Masingill and Office of Health Information Technology Director Ray Scott announced Sunday. Article

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> Fixes to the troubled HealthCare.gov website appear to be working and the error rate is now less than 1 percent, according to a key White House official. Jeff Zients, the former White House budget director who was recruited to oversee the website repairs, said that the special fixes show progress, but stopped short of saying that all the problems were corrected. "It's likely that, as we move forward, we'll find additional glitches," he said. "Our bottom line continues to be that by the end of November, we will have the site working smoothly for the vast majority of users." Article

> Healthcare jobs are high on the list of fastest-growing U.S. occupations, according to a Career Builder report, despite the latest economic indicators from Altarum Institute that job growth in the healthcare sector slowed in October. Personal care aides and home health aides top the list of the projected fastest-growing job fields in all industries between now and 2017, according to the Career Builder report. Both positions are projected to increase by 21 percent over the next four years. Article

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> Hospitals and physician groups--expecting a rise in the number of patients with high-deductible health insurance plans--are coming up with strategies to ensure they receive payment for providing services for scheduled or elective surgeries. Among the most popular options: Collecting cash upfront and enrolling patients in payment plans. Article

And Finally... This guy rats pests out for a living. Article

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