Surgeon gives TED talk on using Google Glass in the OR

Google Glass can help surgeons avoid wrong-side surgery, a surgical "never-event," according to Rafael Grossmann, M.D., from Caracas, Venezuela, a general, trauma, advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgeon who practices in Maine, and who recently delivered a TED talk on the use of Google Glass in the operating room. FierceHealthIT covered his blog post on Google Glass in June. In the video, Grossman talks about how the device can help avoid medical errors, the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. "We need to find better tools...for us to do no harm," Grossman said, touting checklists, but that they're not enough. "[Google Glass] has the potential in healthcare to do incredible things, and disrupt healthcare, changing the way we do medicine. Let the checklist come to us automatically, in a smart intuitive way," Grossman said in the talk. Video

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