Stories on Apple, Meaningful Use among most read this week

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  1. Proposed legislation shortens 2015 MU reporting window to 90 days
    Legislation introduced to Congress on Tuesday would require that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services allow eligible hospitals and providers looking to attest to Meaningful Use in 2015 a 90-day window to do so, as opposed to a 365-day reporting period. Article
  2. New Apple Watch: Should insurers foot the bill for popular but untested tech? 
    Columnist and author Jeff Yang calls the new Apple Watch "a bushel of insanely geektastic features wrapped up in a sleek and eminently gorgeous package." Article
  3. In the shadow of Apple's mHealth hype, BlackBerry looms as a darkhorse
    Judy Mottl writes: I, along with plenty of others engaged with mHealth technology, was a bit more than disappointed we didn't learn more about what Apple is up to with its Apple Watch, which debuted last week, with its healthcare platform HealthKit and what it hopes to make happen with mHealth wearables. Article
  4. Deven McGraw: HIPAA likely doesn't cover Apple Watch
    Apple's announcement of its forthcoming HealthKit platform and its new wearable device, Apple Watch, has brought to the forefront concerns that privacy protections aren't keeping up with development of wearables that collect health information. Article
  5. Lawmakers lobby feds to update regulatory guidance for mHealth apps
    Two congressmen are asking the Department of Health and Human Services to develop "clear, easily accessible and up to date regulatory guidance" regarding mobile applications and requesting the federal agency update online technical compliance guidance to help app makers adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Article