STANLEY Healthcare Selected by Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health to Provide Hugs® Infant Protection Solution on Wi-Fi Across 156 Hospitals

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, a market leading provider of safety, security and operational efficiency solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today that Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has selected STANLEY Healthcare’s Hugs® Infant Protection Solution on Wi-Fi for use in 156 of its Ministry of Health hospitals.

This wide-scale deployment will help protect more than 350,000 newborn infants throughout Saudi Arabia from abduction and mother/baby mismatches every year, and is the second significant contract for infant protection awarded by the MoH to STANLEY Healthcare and its Authorized Partner in Saudi Arabia, . In 2011, the previous generation of the Hugs solution was selected for 16 of the largest birthing hospitals in the kingdom.

The new generation of the Hugs Infant Protection Solution leverages STANLEY Healthcare’s advanced AeroScout® Wi-Fi Real Time Location System (RTLS) platform, coupled with a small Hugs tag attached to the ankle of a newborn. In the event the Hugs tag is cut or removed from the infant without authorization, or the infant is removed from a designated area, the system generates an automatic alert for caregivers and security staff and locks down the designated area. Additionally, the sophisticated Wi-Fi technology enables hospitals to provide facility-wide infant protection as well as real-time monitoring throughout multiple buildings and sites, all with a single enterprise deployment.

In addition to this hospital-wide infant protection, the STANLEY Healthcare solution offers a range of additional patient safety and operational awareness features for the Obstetrics Department, including automatic temperature monitoring of breast milk refrigeration units, blanket warmers and pharmaceutical cabinets; asset tracking of breast pumps, wheelchairs and other key assets; staff assist to enable staff to call for help for patients or themselves; and hand hygiene compliance monitoring to improve infection prevention through automated around-the-clock monitoring of hand hygiene events.

“We previously deployed STANLEY Healthcare’s Hugs Infant Protection Solution in 16 of the largest birthing hospitals throughout the kingdom. Since that time, we’ve received excellent feedback from caregivers and parents who appreciate the high-level of security and protection it provides,” said Dr. Abdullah Al-Wuhaibi, Advisor to the Minister of Health and general director of ICT. “Now, we’re pleased to implement STANLEY Healthcare’s Hugs Infant Protection Solution on Wi-Fi, which we’ve determined to be best-in-class based on a thorough review of alternative approaches.”

“We appreciate the valuable trust given to us by the Ministry of Health. It is an honor to contribute to this national project for protecting newborns throughout Saudi Arabia. Our aim is to be the technology partner of choice to our clients, providing them with the best local support and consulting on cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare and ICT sectors,” said Shadi Anwar Noori, ICT Sector Manager of Inma Trading.

“We’re honored that the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia chose to expand its long-term relationship with STANLEY Healthcare by selecting our Hugs Infant Protection Solution on Wi-Fi for deployment throughout 156 of its hospitals,” said Ricardo C. Berrios, Vice President of Emerging Markets at STANLEY Healthcare. “As part of our global mission to enable healthcare organizations to excel, we’ve designed the STANLEY Healthcare solution suite to drive high-quality healthcare delivery, patient safety and operational excellence throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world.”

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