STANLEY Healthcare Launches its New Bed-Check Cordless Fall Management System

STANLEY Healthcare (, a market leading provider of safety, security and operational efficiency solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced a new solution to bring improved flexibility to Fall Management programs in hospitals and long-term care facilities. The new STANLEY Healthcare Bed-Check Cordless Monitor System includes an easy to use monitor, cordless sensor pads, and a wireless transmitter which enables medical personnel to mount the monitor in a variety of locations to maximize safety, eliminate tripping hazards, and reduce the “nuisance alarms” that are so prevalent in many healthcare settings today. According to an updated 2013 study by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ), the number of falls in a large acute-care hospital is estimated at well over 1,000 per year, with between 30-50% of the falls associated with reports of injuries. Furthermore, operational costs for patients who have fallen with serious injuries are shown to be $13,000 higher than for patients without falls. As a result, many hospitals are turning to fall management solutions to help reduce the risk of in-facility falls and the associated cost of treatment. With this new solution, STANLEY Healthcare demonstrates that it continues to address these challenges and leads the fall management industry in innovation, reliability and ease of use. The new cordless solution brings new features to the STANLEY Healthcare product line, including: - Cordless Monitor – Reduce the risk of tripping and meet requirements for psychiatric units and rehabilitation centers - Flexible Set-Up – Option to place monitors outside of patient rooms for a quieter in-room environment - Multiple Applications – Bed-Check Cordless is available with both bed and chair models - Silent Alarm – Helps reduce “alarm fatigue” by muting audible alarms at the bedside and integrating to the Nurse Call system “Patient and resident falls cause hundreds of thousands of serious injuries each year, in addition to billions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs,” said Charlotte Miller, BSN, MBA, RN-BC, Director of Nursing Informatics Solutions at STANLEY Healthcare. “As an industry, it is incumbent on us to continue to innovate in the area of fall management, to reduce the risk of falls and the burden it places on both patients and caregivers. STANLEY Healthcare is pleased to announce this new cordless fall management product to support our customer requirements, offering a safer and more cost-effective alternative to protect acute care patients and long-term care residents.”
 About STANLEY Healthcare
STANLEY Healthcare provides over 5,000 acute care hospitals and 12,000 long-term care organizations with enterprise solutions that transform safety, security and operational efficiency. The STANLEY Healthcare solution set enables customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in five critical areas: Patient Safety, Security & Protection, Environmental Monitoring, Clinical Operations & Workflow and Supply Chain & Asset Management. These solutions are complemented by consulting, training, implementation and integration services. STANLEY Healthcare is proud to be part of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. For more information, visit Follow STANLEY Healthcare on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ###


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