Stanford researchers develop microchip test to diagnose Type 1 diabetes; Indiana high school football players to wear concussion sensors;

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> Researchers at Stanford have developed a portable microchip-based test that can diagnose Type 1 diabetes using nanotechnology. The researchers are seeking FDA approval for the device. Announcement

> Hospital Perpetuo Socorro in Spain is using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to calm anxious patients prior to surgery, MD+DI reported. The headset, which uses software developed by Spanish software company Droiders, shows patients a series of calming scenes--such as floating clouds--set to classical music. Article

> Close to 100 Indiana high school football players will wear impact-detecting sensors on their helmets during an all-star game set for this Friday, reported. Video

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> Roughly one-third of Americans are obese, and as the numbers continue to rise, hospitals around the country are investing in equipment to accommodate more plus-sized patients. Article

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> Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have developed an algorithm that can help diagnose appendicitis in children and reduce the need for computed tomography. Post

And Finally... This will cost a lot more than a pizza. Article