St. Petersburg, Home of GGA Software Services’ Development Center, Wins World Championship at Prestigious 2013 International Software Programming Contest

St. Petersburg, Home of GGA Software Services’ Development Center, Wins World Championship at Prestigious 2013 International Software Programming Contest

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GGA Software Services LLC is pleased to congratulate the St. Petersburg National Research University for Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics (ITMO) for winning the world championship at the prestigious World Finals of the IBM-sponsored Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Software Programming Contest in St. Petersburg, Russia, in July. This win for ITMO is unprecedented in the competition’s history; it is the fourth world championship for the Russian university in the past six years. GGA is also pleased to congratulate St. Petersburg State University for placing fifth in this annual global competition among the world’s university students.

Richard Golob, GGA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “St. Petersburg’s performance in the Battle of the Brains demonstrates the reason why GGA decided to establish its primary development facility in St. Petersburg.” He continued, “GGA has established a world-class team of more than 450 software engineers, mathematicians, and scientists by hiring the best and brightest from the St. Petersburg universities.”

A total of 120 teams competed in the Battle of the Brains last month in St. Petersburg, where teams of three university students each solved eight or more complex real-world problems under a strict five-hour deadline. These 120 teams had competed at local and regional competitions around the world last fall to win the invitation to participate in the World Finals. Initially, at the local level, the selection took place from a field of 300,000 students in computer sciences worldwide. Then, at the regional level, 29,479 contestants from 2,322 universities in 91 countries on 6 continents competed at more than 300 sites to participate in the World Finals.

“GGA is proud of the stellar performance of ITMO and St. Petersburg State University, as it helps validate the decision of our clients to depend on GGA and its St. Petersburg development facility for superior performance and innovative problem-solving,” according to Golob. He noted that St. Petersburg is the only city in the world that had two universities placing among the top five winners in the Battle of the Brains.

In addition, Golob said that, “While St. Petersburg did exceptionally in the contest, Russia performed better than any other country in the world, with more universities from Russia among the top 13 winners than from any other country.” A total of four Russian universities placed among the top 13 winners. Eastern Europe had a total of eight universities among the top 13 winners – the greatest representation from any region worldwide.

Since 1994, GGA has been drawing on software engineers, mathematicians, and scientists from St. Petersburg universities to build its development facility. In the global outsourcing industry, GGA has succeeded in establishing a reputation for excellence in the area of scientific informatics, bringing together science and mathematics together with software engineering and knowledge management to solve client problems. It has benefited from the sophistication, innovation, and domain expertise of its resource in St. Petersburg, and has become a preferred vendor to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and scientific instrumentation industries, as well as the publishing and software companies servicing those industries.

GGA Software Services LLC provides superior performance in meeting the complete range of software engineering, algorithm development, and knowledge management needs of the world's leading companies. GGA combines world-class informatics and support services with deep domain expertise in science and mathematics to create solutions that meet our clients’ business, technical, and scientific challenges. With its primary development center in St. Petersburg, Russia, GGA delivers world-class results, enhanced capabilities, and increased productivity to its clients. Global corporations rely on GGA to provide ongoing informatics services, including support, maintenance, and QA services, to enhance their internal resources. Since 1994, GGA has successfully served as an extended workbench for its clients, allowing them to both achieve their critical objectives and maximize their informatics budget. For more information, please visit our website at .