Sprint, GE offer in-building hospital wireless services

This week, Sprint has gone ahead, working with GE Healthcare to provide a platform for patient data sharing. This move is important not only for healthcare readers, but also for wireless users generally.
To offer the service, Sprint is using GE's CARESCAPE Enterprise Access platform, a single, universal wireless platform powered by MobileAccess. Sprint is adding the voice and data transmission layer, along with handsets. Hospitals will be able to use the wireless platform to offer voice and data communications over secure cellular, WiFi and telemetry.

When FierceHealthIT met with Sprint representatives at HIMSS '07 earlier this year, they said they were planning to develop in-building wireless service not only to serve hospitals, but to establish a model for providing broader wireless services to business campuses in varied industries. In other words, this launch is important not only for HIT, but for Sprint's strategy for on-campus wireless. So if you're interested in wireless generally, keep an eye on how this launch pans out.

To learn more about the launch:
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