Smartphone add-on enables home treatment of ear infections; Are predictive analytics nothing but hype?;

> A smartphone add-on could render going to the doctor for a child's ear infection a thing of the past. CellScope, according to an article in Technology Review, connects a device to the iPhone that produces a view inside the ear magnified by a factor of 10. The company raised $1 million this week. Article

> Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a fuel cell that runs on glucose, the school announced this week. The cell has potential to eventually help paralyzed patients move their arms and legs. Post

> Dale Sanders, senior technology advisor and CIO mentor for the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, believes that while predictive analytics are an appealing concept, they're little more than hype at the moment. "Our healthcare industry would be better served to borrow concepts from the world of e-commerce and social networking, and embrace a new concept of Suggestive Analytics at the point of care to nudge our behavior in desired directions," he says in a recent post. Commentary

And Finally… I'll bet when he was younger, his dog ate his homework, too. Article


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