Senator Hoeven’s State of Technology Conference Features Evolution1

Senator Hoeven’s State of Technology Conference Features Evolution1


Today’s in Fargo, North Dakota, co-hosted by North Dakota Senator John Hoeven and the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, showcases , the nation’s largest electronic payment, on-premise, and cloud computing consumer driven healthcare solution. The annual event serves as a forum to showcase the impact technology has had on industries across not only North Dakota, but also the nation.

As governor of North Dakota, Hoeven targeted technology as one of five key industries for growth. He is currently working in the U.S. Senate to promote STEM education initiatives in support of North Dakota’s thriving technology sector. Last year, he co-sponsored the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which would give schools, administrators, and teachers flexibility to implement STEM programs to prepare students for the careers of the future.

“Today in North Dakota, innovative companies are developing cutting-edge technologies across business sectors,” Hoeven said. “Think about a smartphone app that drove down the cost of healthcare while saving employees more than $2 billion in 2012 through lower annual healthcare costs, reductions, and tax savings. That solution is .”

With , consumers can view HSA (as well as FSA and HRA) account balances and details, track expenses, submit healthcare account claims, and capture, store, and send receipts anytime, anywhere on any iPhone, Android, or tablet device. Consumers may also configure account alerts via text message and send to any mobile device.

State of Technology Conference keynote speakers include Tami Reller, executive vice president of Microsoft’s marketing group, and entrepreneur and philanthropist Doug Burgum. The conference also features two sessions devoted to discussing how North Dakota’s technological advancements are having a positive impact on the state’s rapidly growing agriculture and energy sectors. , will discuss how technology is helping to drive down healthcare costs.

and its Partners serve nearly 500 health plans, third-party administrators, financial institutions, and software providers across the country, providing healthcare and other reimbursement account services to more than 75,000 employers and more than 9,000,000 consumers.

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