Secure cloud could resolve interoperability issues

Secure cloud collaboration can help solve interoperability issues as it links mHealth and other applications among healthcare providers, TechCrunch reported.

In an article focusing on Box, which recently launched a healthcare line of business, TechCrunch reports the company wants to improve collaboration among providers by investing in startups developing mobile electronic health record solutions and "connect each of these apps in a way that allows it to power collaboration, file transfer and secure, HIPAA-compliant sharing."

In short, doctors could upload patient data to Box's cloud service for sharing with other providers, according to the article. Box argues the sharing of information would be secure because the cloud collaboration platform is secure.'

Google Health founder Missy Krasner is advising Box in its healthcare file-sharing efforts, TechCrunch said.

The GoogleHealth EHR platform failed to take off, but Google continues looking for an inroads into the healthcare sector. It recently announced it was launching something called Calico that it says will shed new light on "age-related maladies" by researching new technologies.

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