Seamless Interoperability between Health Information Systems Now a Reality

Seamless Interoperability between Health Information Systems Now a Reality

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Salutopia, a healthcare software innovations company, announced today the launch of a breakthrough technology that gives patients, providers and payers seamless interoperability of patient data across all electronic health record technologies.

“At Salutopia, we believe people should have free and unrestricted access to their health records. We’re thrilled about launching a solution that helps providers achieve the goal of accountable care and interoperability while meeting stringent HIPAA requirements,” said Jeffrey Renton, Salutopia’s chief executive officer. “With Salutopia’s new technology, patients have access to the information they need from nearly any location and providers have compliant, secure and efficient data portability, which significantly improves patient care.”

Salutopia’s new technology securely and electronically combines health records into an aggregated view for patients. The company accomplishes this through collecting, normalizing, and refactoring health-record data and then distributing it to each independent system’s required format, as required. This can lessen time-consuming manual-input processes and eliminate data discrepancies between systems.

Additional features for providers include the ability to

“Our new system operates in the cloud, which gives providers and patients access from anywhere on any device: computers, smartphones, and tablets,” Renton said, “and we accomplish this while maintaining the highest level of security.”

Salutopia, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Houston, is an industry leader in providing simple, single point-of-access solutions that make communication among providers, patients and insurance companies a reality. Salutopia leverages its rich healthcare information technology experience to bring proprietary solutions that redefine on-demand availability.

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