SayAh, LLC Introduces Innovative, Web-Based Patient Survey Solution for Healthcare Industry; Only Online Tool Providing Feedback Alerts in Real-Time for Managing Reputation

SayAh’s Reputation Management Helps Providers Control their Online Reputation and Better Understand Patient Needs

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, a developer of proprietary, innovative, web-based technologies specifically designed for the healthcare industry, announced today the introduction of an innovative patient satisfaction survey solution, designed to obtain patient feedback at the point of experience and deliver it to healthcare providers in real-time.

survey solution, recently released from beta testing and now available publicly, allows healthcare professionals of all types to better control their reputations by obtaining patient feedback quickly and easily and responding to it immediately. Upon completion of their medical visits, in just three minutes on average, patients complete customized surveys about their experiences using a tablet, Smartphone, laptop, or email. A quick verification process is then performed by the patient to confirm the survey was completed by them.

Once verified, SayAh’s advanced technology delivers patient survey results in several ways, including real-time email or text message alerts that are sent directly to providers and administrators. SayAh is the only healthcare information technology company currently providing patient feedback via automated alerts in real time, thereby fostering an immediate and direct line of communication between providers and patients. This functionality helps drive patient satisfaction and enhances providers’ overall reputations, particularly online.

With SayAh’s pioneering healthcare IT solution, verified results are also posted to an online, that aggregates data in real-time in an easy-to-understand and meaningful manner. There, providers can simply analyze detailed feedback about their performance, identifying areas in need of improvement and positioning them to respond to patients quickly. The patient-verified results are also published to the web on a personal easily discovered by those searching the Internet. These SayAh Reputation profile pages rate provider performance based on survey results, and are revealed near the top of any browser search, due to SayAh’s distinctive search engine optimization features.

“In today’s digital age, people are using the Internet more than ever to find healthcare providers, and they are forming opinions based purely on what they read online. Oftentimes, these online physician reviews have not been verified by the patient or represent a small patient sampling, which could undoubtedly skew results,” explained Bryan J. Hawkins, M.D., co-founder of SayAh and orthopedic surgeon at Central States Orthopedic Specialists in Tulsa.

“SayAh’s powerful Reputation Management survey solution has the ability to gather as many patient reviews as a provider collects, allowing for a large sampling of patient results, which better impacts reputation and reflects true patient experience feedback. By posting results to the web, patient opinions are then shared with the millions of people searching for information about a given physician or medical practice,” Dr. Hawkins added.

To best attract and retain patients, reputation management has become a top priority for any medical practice. SayAh’s Reputation Management tool directly addresses this top-of-mind challenge, and also enhances communications between providers and patients, again further ensuring satisfaction.

“We simply cannot put a price on patient satisfaction within our practice. However, the views of a single dissatisfied patient can both negatively and financially impact our image. The perceptions of our patients are invaluable to us, and we are always striving to improve. SayAh helps us to do that seamlessly, easily and effectively,” noted Yogesh Mittal, M.D., president at The Orthopaedic Center, a Tulsa-based group of nine fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons and one pain management physician.

“With SayAh’s Reputation Management, providers are able to collect, analyze and publish patient findings easily and cost effectively. They are afforded the opportunity to respond to patient comments within moments of receiving results, immediately resolving any issues in the event of poor patient satisfaction ratings. It is truly a must-have tool for any medical professional today to ensure patient satisfaction, enhance performance and improve revenue,” said Adam Robertson, SayAh co-founder.

More information about SayAh’s revolutionary, affordable and customizable reputation management solution can be found at .

Tulsa, Ok.-based SayAh is a developer of proprietary, innovative, web-based technologies specifically designed for the healthcare industry. With SayAh’s Reputation Management survey solution, healthcare providers can evaluate and improve their reputations through customizable, web-based patient surveys that are analyzed using powerful dashboard tools and then published online. Patient feedback from SayAh’s Reputation Management survey is delivered in real-time via alerts to providers so they may respond to feedback instantly. SayAh’s customizable Reputation Management survey solution enables providers to ensure consistent satisfaction across their practices.


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