SAFE-BioPharma Elects Four Pharma Executives to Board of Directors

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Four pharmaceutical executives have been elected to the Board of Directors of SAFE-BioPharma Association, the strategic non-profit collaboration that developed and manages the global SAFE-BioPharma® digital identity and digital signature standard for the life science and healthcare sectors. The association’s members include most of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies.

The SAFE-BioPharma standard is used throughout the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries to manage high assurance digital identities and to apply legally-binding digital signatures to electronic documents.

The four new directors are:

The all-volunteer Board participates in establishing the association’s goals, which include global expansion of the SAFE-BioPharma standard among biopharmaceutical industry partners and the U.S. healthcare system and its acceptance by governments and research institutions.

“Each of the new directors, brings specific talents to SAFE-BioPharma. They will complement our longer serving board members in providing effective governance of the standard,” said Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO and a director of SAFE-BioPharma Association.

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