Royal Philips, team up on healthcare platform; Virginia medical society launches HIE;

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> Royal Philips and today announced they are teaming up to deliver an open, cloud-based healthcare platform. The platform will enable medical device and data interoperability. Announcement

> The Medical Society of Northern Virginia has launched HeaLixVA--"a physician-led, secure and confidential electronic system to share patient information across all points of medical care in our community," Health Data Management reports. Article

> Ian Burkhart, a 23-year-old quadriplegic from Dublin, Ohio, has become the first patient to move a paralyzed limb, thanks to Neurobridge, an electronic neural bypass for spinal cord injuries that reconnects the brain directly to muscles--allowing voluntary control of a paralyzed limb. Announcement

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> The U.S. healthcare system must prepare for climate change's impact, a prominent hospital official told Kaiser Health News in an interview. Article

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> Amid lingering Affordable Care Act actions, one fact remains: Payers, providers and patients already are making the shift toward risk sharing. Article

And Finally... Betting on a bite? Article