Report: Hacking led to 98 percent of breaches in 2015

Hacking is at the top of the list of sources of healthcare data leaks in 2015, according to a Bitglass report; hacking accounted for 98 percent of breaches last year.

Those big breaches include the Premera Blue Cross hack, which impacted 11 million customers, and the Anthem hack that resulted in almost 80 million leaked patient records. The report added that one in three Americans had their personal data compromised last year.

In previous years, loss and theft of employee devices was the primary reason for healthcare data put at risk, according to Bitglass. There were 140 breaches last year due to lost or stolen devices, and 97 in 2014. 

At least one administrator's credentials were compromised in the Anthem and Premera breach through phishing emails that lure employees into logging onto a fake site that harvests their log-in information, according to the report. That allows hackers to then use that information to log into the hospital network.

Data breach costs for companies have jumped 23 percent since 2013, the Ponemon Institute previously reported. It put the cost of each stolen record at $145 to $154, while healthcare records were the most costly, reaching as high as $363 each.

When it comes to cyberattacks, loss of patient life, damage to the organization's brand and post-breach costs are some of the biggest concerns for IT leaders.

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