Qualcomm Life, Orange Business Services partner for chronic disease management; Study says HIT market hit $78B in 2011;

> Qualcomm Life and Orange Business Services have announced a strategic partnership that will allow them to connect patients and healthcare providers as well as monitor the treatment of chronic diseases. Orange will provide the connectivity services for Qualcomm Life's 2Net platform. Article

> Communication industry companies including Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Motorola Mobility and BoxTone announced they'll collaborate on a new mobile solution that will help healthcare organizations deploy Android-based mobile devices and apps. Article

> A coalition of industry stakeholders, including nine electronic health records vendors, launched an initiative to integrate drug information into EHRs. Announced at the annual HIMSS conference in Las Vegas, the project focuses on FDA-approved labeling and delivery of drug alerts, integrating drug event reporting and providing drug information and medication adherence tools to patients via patient portals. Article

> The healthcare IT market reached a whopping $78 billion in 2011, according to the latest research by Compass Intelligence. And it's only getting bigger. Announcement

> Drug dosages soon could be delivered wirelessly. A new medication chip, controlled with wireless signals, was successfully implanted in patients to automatically dispense medications over time, according to a new clinical study of the technology, the Associated Press reports. Article

And Finally... Do you think the crowd stayed for the whole thing? Article

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