Qualcomm Life, AMC Health join to improve care connectivity; SAP app flaws allow for uploading of fake info;

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> Qualcomm Life Inc. and AMC Health will team up to improve connectivity and care coordination for at-risk patients. They will merge Qualcomm connectivity platform with AMC Health's care coordination platform. Announcement

> Two issues were discovered in SAP's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Unwired app that allow for uploading of fake patient data, according to an article at CSO. The app stores information such as patient lab results and images. The flaw in the app could also allow someone to get access to the database. Article

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> Despite the epidemic of workplace injuries and stress-related burnout that nurses experience, they often receive little to no help from hospital leaders to address the problem--and healthcare facilities aren't the only ones that don't adequately protect the nation's frontline clinical workers. Government regulators, in particular the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have failed time and again to crack down on hospitals to prevent workplace injuries among nurses, NPR reports. Article

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> Giving patients bad news is difficult. And when that bad news happens to be an Alzheimer's diagnosis, it's so challenging that most doctors avoid doing it, according to report released Tuesday by the Alzheimer's Association. Article

> Experts agree: Meeting with your employees regularly is crucial for practice success. Advice for keeping these gatherings streamlined and productive abounds as well, but a well-planned agenda alone doesn't leverage meetings' maximum potential. Article

And Finally...  Pizza is impossible for any creature to resist Article