QuadMed Opens Corporate Health SuiteTM in Manhattan

<0> New Concept in Healthcare Offers Personalized Services to Employees at Their Place of Employment, Keeping Them Healthy and Driving Down Costs </0>

QuadMed Media Contact:Mary McNeill, 414-566-8117

QuadMed, a premier provider of onsite primary care clinics and healthcare management solutions, announces the opening of a Corporate Health Suite in Midtown Manhattan.

The Corporate Health Suite is QuadMed’s newest offering and is designed to meet the needs of employers with limited real estate, smaller populations or distributed workforces. In as little as 500 square feet – the size of a large conference room – a dedicated onsite QuadMed nurse works closely with employees to determine their individual health goals and coordinate care. The nurse also coordinates secure telehealth access to other healthcare professionals, such as physicians and registered dietitians.

“Bottom line, this model of healthcare can help save downstream healthcare costs by keeping employees healthy and chronic conditions under control,” said Tim Dickman, President of QuadMed. “We are proud to have a showcase facility in the nation’s largest city.”

QuadMed’s newest Corporate Health Suite is located within Quad/Graphics’ Times Square-area sales and premedia office and serves the company’s 150-plus Manhattan-based employees.

“Our first week of operation was a great success,” said Jill Esser, who manages the new Manhattan QuadMed Corporate Health Suite. “We engaged with more than 80 prospective patients in our open houses, booked over 50 appointments and have received extremely positive feedback on the appearance and range of services. Employees are excited that they don’t have to trek out into the city to have many of their healthcare needs met.”

Convenience and flexibility are key elements of the Corporate Health Suite model. Patients have access to care at work and on their schedule. “But, most importantly, we reach patients through personal relationships,” Esser said. “Our onsite nurse is in the office full-time and develops wellness programming specific to the population. Background information on the remote healthcare providers is also readily available to patients.”

QuadMed tracks the performance of the Corporate Health Suite through indicators in population health management, clinical effectiveness, operational efficiency and economic value. With this information, the employer will be able to monitor the impact of its Corporate Health Suite investment.

Tours of the new facility are available by contacting Todd Wolf, General Manager for QuadMed’s Corporate Health Suites, via email at . For more information about QuadMed Corporate Health Suites, visit .

QuadMed () is a nationally recognized innovator in offering onsite primary care clinics and healthcare management solutions proven to increase quality and decrease costs. QuadMed’s 20-year track record of success is rooted in integrating prevention-focused primary care with leading-edge information management data. Created in 1990 as a subsidiary of global printer and media channel integrator Quad/Graphics, QuadMed now serves a wide variety of Fortune 1000 companies.

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