Providers anticipate increasing investments in health technology

Providers have a favorable outlook when it comes to finances in 2016, with most executives anticipating increasing investment in health IT to lower costs and raise care quality, according to a recent survey.

In fact, about 46 percent of the 164 executives responding to the CIT Group survey say they have looked at technology updates to help lower costs.  

However, 67 percent worry about the security of information being exchanged through electronic health records and other IT systems. That is becoming an increasing concern as providers look to improve communication and data sharing outside their walls.

Still, 70 percent of the executives say they are looking to make investments in technology that can help their systems become more interoperable with other organizations. About seven in 10 say they have an EHR system in place, and roughly half say they can share medical records with clinicians outside of their organization.

The report also notes that mergers and acquisitions are on the rise in the healthcare industry, and about 53 percent of the executives say there should be a rise in such activity in 2016. Digital health is already seeing such growth, with a record high 58 M&As in the first quarter of this year, the highest number in a single quarter.

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