The largest dialysis provider in the country has agreed to pay a $3.5 million fine for five separate breaches in 2012 that compromised data for 521 patients.

A failure to comply with document requests creates the appearance that HHS has "fallen into a state of permanent disrepair," Trey Gowdy wrote.

Barely a week after it was struck by a ransomware attack, Allscripts is facing a lawsuit alleging the company failed to adequately protect its systems.

Although Allscripts said the company had restored access to "nearly all clients," many providers were still unable to log in on Wednesday morning.

Technological innovations are transforming medical training and could help ease a global shortage of healthcare professionals.

As Allscripts recovers from a ransomware attack, physician practices have been forced to operate without access to EHR, scheduling and payment systems.

In a final plea, CareFirst attorneys warned that companies would be inundated with data breach lawsuits without the high court's review.

Allscripts is investigating a ransomware attack impacting a limited number of applications, according to a company spokesperson.