A June cyberattack cost Nuance $68 million in 2017, and executives said 2018 losses could reach $65 million.

The Calfornia system agreed to the multi-million dollars settlement following claims that it failed to implement basic security protocols.

Lawmakers asked HHS to incorporate a bill of materials for medical devices that would offer providers more information about vulnerabilities.

UnitedHealthcare’s wellness program has expanded the range of wearable devices that participants are allowed to use.

If he’s confirmed as the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar will have his hands full.

Lawmakers want HHS two explain why two cybersecurity officials tasked to run the HCCIC were reassigned in September, effectively shutting down operations.

Lucia Savage details her struggles to get a copy of her medical records and says her experience shows how federal laws don't always work as written.

A new bill calls on the VA to submit quarterly and annual reports on its implementation of a new EHR system.

Ransomware and malware attacks are the top technology concern for hospitals in 2018, according to the ECRI Institute's annual list.

A new bill introduced to the house would restructure HHS leadership so a cybersecurity point person reports directly to the secretary.