Presbyterian Healthcare Services Renews its Partnership with MethodCare to Maximize Revenue and Cost Savings Opportunities Across the Revenue Cycle

Presbyterian Healthcare Services Renews its Partnership with MethodCare to Maximize Revenue and Cost Savings Opportunities Across the Revenue Cycle

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, a leader in Big Data healthcare analytics, announced today that Presbyterian Healthcare Services, designated a “Top Hospital” by The Leapfrog Group, renewed its business relationship with to continue to drive cost saving opportunities across the revenue cycle. Presbyterian has garnered $75 million in cash improvement along with an increase of 150 percent in staff productivity since collaborating with five years ago.

“ solution helped us view and work our revenue cycle in ways we had been dreaming about for years,” said Dave Hennigan, Vice President, Revenue Cycle, Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “ data mining innovation creates the necessary efficiencies and data analytics to allow us to do more with less—the new reality for hospital operations.”

MethodCare’s suite of empower Presbyterian’s staff with the advanced workflow and analytics to proactively identify revenue and cost savings opportunities by focusing them on the right accounts at the right time. The Big Data analytics centralize disparate hospital data sources and extract actionable insight to help Mr. Hennigan and his team proactively curb revenue leakage and optimize workflow across the revenue cycle.

MethodCare’s algorithms are customized to Presbyterian’s specific clinical, billing, and charging practices allowing for the greatest potential for revenue capture and cost savings. The seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems without additional burden on resources.

“As an early adopter of Big Data analytics, Presbyterian is a true industry trail blazer. They transformed their revenue cycle from a traditional, primarily manual approach into one that can efficiently and effectively meet the demands of the new reality of hospital operations,” said Jeff Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer, “We are proud of our work together over the past five years and look forward to helping them continue to forge the way using innovative technology strategies for the revenue cycle that allow them to grow and best serve their community.”

Presbyterian is one of 32 healthcare organizations selected as a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Model by CMS. Founded in 1908, Presbyterian is the state’s only private, not-for-profit healthcare system and its largest provider of care. Presbyterian offers eight hospitals, a statewide health plan and a growing multi-specialty medical group. Presbyterian is the second largest private employer in New Mexico with more than 9,000 respected employees and growing.

is the leading provider of Big Data analytics to help healthcare organizations achieve financial and clinical excellence. Our provide the platform for data integration of all patient accounting and clinical systems, and the advanced analytics to extract actionable insights that improve the revenue cycle and support population health management. robust workflow and real-time predictive modeling improves patient access, charge integrity, reimbursement, and accurately estimates the health and financial risk of patient populations. Our data-driven method delivers greater revenue, reduces costs and arms healthcare providers with the intelligence to make strategic, proactive decisions that lead to greater value care. For more information, visit .


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