PolicyMedical revolutionizes policy writing with PolicyExchange

PolicyMedical has just announced the release of PolicyExchange, a free, new service that makes policy writing for hospitals easier than ever. PolicyExchange is an online community of hospitals sharing their policies with other hospitals. Hospital administrators that manage the policies in their hospital can now donate their policies to PolicyExchange and get access to other hospitals' policies in return.

PolicyExchange will forever change the way policies are written and updated:

• No more writing a policy from scratch
• No more researching the proper formatting and wording of a policy
• No more wondering what a Joint Commission-approved policy looks like

Saud Juman, PolicyMedical's founder and Chief Executive Officer, shares his excitement and explains how this idea was conceptualized:

"From years of listening to the needs of the hospital managers, we realized that they need urgent help writing policies. I'm sure that at one point or another, they've wished they had a policy template to follow, examples of the proper formatting and wording of a policy, or that they could look at real policies approved by the Joint Commission. We realize that you have had this need, but not necessarily the budget to afford this kind of service. That's why we're extremely excited to launch PolicyExchange, a free service that provides real-world policies that have been used and approved by regulatory bodies."

Policy writing is about to get much easier, better, and faster. For more information, watch the PolicyExchange video. When you're ready, click here to join the PolicyExchange community.

About PolicyMedical:
PolicyMedical is the leading provider of policy management software for hospitals. At PolicyMedical, we believe that most processes in hospital document management can be automated, and we've developed our policy management software, PolicyManagerTM, with that in mind. PolicyManagerTM is used by thousands of hospitals all over the world and has been helping hospitals improve their policy management processes and automation for a decade.
To learn more about PolicyMedical and PolicyManagerTM, contact Joseph Garcia at 1-888-607-6331 x700 or visit http://www.policymedical.com.

Daisy Jiang
Marketing Specialist
PolicyMedical Inc.
1-888-697-6331 x706
[email protected]



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