Platform helps researchers analyze data to learn about disease; Computer framework detects genes that cause complex biological traits;

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> A new integrated platform is helping researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center analyze big data. The user-friendly BioWardrobe platform analyzes transcriptomic and epigenomic information to help researchers learn about biology and disease. Announcement

> A new computer-based framework is helping to detect genes that may cause complex disease and biological traits. The model, PrediXcan, was created by scientists at the University of Chicago and measures gene expression levels then integrates that with genome-wide association study data. Announcement

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> Is the Affordable Care Act-related shine on for-profit hospital stocks beginning to wear thin? That appears to be the consensus on Wall Street, where publicly-traded hospital stocks were hit hard last week due to a spike in uninsured patients at one company. Article

> St. Luke's Health System jealously kept its patients within its hospitals in Idaho, a business model that ultimately played into the unraveling of its acquisition of the state's largest medical group. Article

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> In another blow to objections to the Affordable Care Act's birth control-coverage mandate, a panel of judges has ruled that religious employers' rights are not violated by rules that require them to provide their employees with contraceptive coverage through third parties. Article

And Finally... Only in Jersey can you spend the night on a battleship, then go see the pope. Article