Phytel tops KLAS population health management software rankings; ATA to offer accreditation for online, direct-to-consumer healthcare consultations;

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> Phytel ranks as the highest performer in KLAS Research's second annual rankings of population health management software vendors. For the study, KLAS interviewed 203 providers at 173 organizations. Report

> The American Telemedicine Association announced on its website plans to offer its accreditation program for online, direct-to-consumer healthcare consultations. The program will accredit U.S. healthcare entities that provide real-time, online consultations directly to the patient, and that also meet standards established to ensure the service's safety, security and quality. Announcement

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> The majority of leading U.S. hospitals and health systems do not give patients the option to search medical conditions online, according to a new report. Post

> All the attention paid to the shortfalls of personal protective equipment used for treating Ebola patients may have paid off, as some of the country's best medical minds have designed a safer, sleeker and less cumbersome suit. Article

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> Establishing new national high-risk pools such as the pre-existing condition insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act isn't a good alternative to expanding ACA coverage. That's because insurance works best when payers can spread risk evenly across a large population, according to a new issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund. Article

And Finally... It's the thought that counts, right? Article