PHT Corporation MyStudyHome™ Community Keeps Clinical Research Sites Engaged and Compliant

Pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs leverage MyStudyHome™ to boost investigator site engagement and global compliance

PHT Corporation MyStudyHome™ Community Keeps Clinical Research Sites Engaged and Compliant

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launched the ™ online community that connects sponsors with sites to share up-to-date training and documentation, calendars, and study specific updates. MyStudyHome gives pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs a competitive edge in retaining high performing clinical trial investigation sites and improving site engagement and compliance. PHT Corporation is the leading provider of innovative technology systems used to collect for clinical research.

Sheila Rocchio, MBA, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at PHT, explained, “While sponsors are rapidly building therapeutic portals for patients there has been less focus on creating communities for sites working on the study. MyStudyHome encourages engagement throughout the study with real-times news, event reminders, training and documentation.”

MyStudyHome is part of the ® portal which delivers real-time access to electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) data collected via the ®, ® or ™ Systems. MyStudyHome gives investigator sites centralized, single sign-on access to their eClinical systems in addition to their news, training, and study-related content, all in one place. Real-time information and feedback throughout the study enable sponsors and CROs to track progress and keep sites on track and compliant.

Sheila Rocchio added, “Clinical trial information becomes diluted and distorted when it’s communicated through multiple voices. MyStudyHome gives sponsors total control over the quality and consistency of information. It significantly improves the site experience in the trial and makes it easier for sites to track all study-related information and updates. Sites like using MyStudyHome because it builds a strong sense of community with study peers, and it keeps them up-to-date and educated on every aspect of the study.”

MyStudyHome Highlights:

– reduces site burden with immediate access to MyStudyHome and other eClinical Systems including the PHT StudyWorks portal

– contains all relevant study information so sites can easily find the documentation they need to increase regulatory compliance and reduce site burden

emails and online notifications inform sites of important information exactly as the sponsor intended

– keeps sites better engaged in the study with centralized access to all learning material, videos, answers to questions, and study updates

– gives sites a comprehensive list of study participants, with one-click access to key contacts for Q&A and troubleshooting

– an updated event calendar which provides a simple picture of the workflow, tasks and key deliverables over time needed throughout the study

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PHT Corporation helps pharmaceutical companies and CROs conduct clinical trial programs with greater confidence, ease and accuracy. Proven PHT eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) Systems collect patient-driven eData via smartphones, tablets and the web. This data, available via the PHT online portal, provides sponsors and clinicians with a real time window into how patients feel and function. PHT has helped trial sponsors collect patient-driven eData in 600+ global trials resulting in 16 regulatory approvals. PHT offers the regulatory, technological, and scientific expertise today’s market demands and patients deserve. Visit for more information on PHT. Follow PHT on , and .

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