Personal health info for 13,000 state workers compromised; Fight over telehealth in U.K.;

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> Health flexible spending account records for 13,000 state employees in Virginia were mistakenly shared with the wrong human resources officials, WVTF reports. An insurance subcontractor electronically distributed the confidential health records, which included the employees' names and Social Security numbers, and the exposure of private information was caused by human error, according to the article. Article

> U.K. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is firmly committed to telehealth, The Guardian reports, but some doctors with the National Health System see it as a blockage to their way of working. "In the poisonous relationship between the Department of Health and [general practitioners], ministerial support for a big expansion in the technology is interpreted by some doctors as yet another attempt to impose politically motivated change on the way GPs work," the article states. Article

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> One of the fastest growing cities in the world, the emirate of Dubai in the Persian Gulf is equipping hospital beds and waiting areas in all 14 of its primary healthcare centers, including hospitals and specialty centers, with 3,000 Android tablets. The tablets are part of a broader Dubai Health Authority (DHA) initiative that includes an electronic medical records system, health information system and smart hospitals. Article

> By adding new levels of experience, mobile Augmented Reality (mAR) can significantly increase the attractiveness of mobile learning applications in medical education, compared to traditional textbook learning, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Article

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> In the war to prevent hospital-acquired infections, nurses are better about washing their hands than doctors, a new study found. Despite widespread evidence that alcohol-based hand rub is the cheapest and most effective way to prevent infection, the World Health Organization says poor hand hygiene remains the cause of millions of infections every year and leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Article

And Finally... Wheelin' and dealin' on Craigslist. Article