Peach State Health Plan Deploys eviti® to Manage Quality and Cost of Cancer Care

Peach State Health Plan Deploys evitito Manage Quality and Cost of Cancer Care

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, a subsidiary of that provides health care services to Georgia residents on and PeachCare for Kids, is positioned to be an innovator in managing cancer care by implementing pre-authorization of chemotherapy and radiation treatments using the eviti online . With much concern about the rising costs of treating cancer, like many health plans, Peach State needed an effective way to manage cancer spend while improving the quality of care.

“We selected eviti because they offer a very comprehensive data base of treatment options that allows physicians to decide which treatment will provide the most effective outcome for the member. We have a responsibility to make sure our members have access to quality care, and we also have to demonstrate that we are reimbursing for appropriate care,” said Dean Greeson, M.D., senior vice president and chief medical officer for Peach State Health Plan.

eviti, Inc. President and CEO, Eduardo Beruff, added, “eviti ultimately allows the Peach State physician network to prescribe quality cancer care, while providing a streamlined method for authorizing care so that their members can begin treatment without delay.”

Peach State’s proactive approach with eviti assures members of optimal, timely evidence based care. And Peach State has added confidence that it is only reimbursing for high quality care that is clinically proven and delivers the best survival outcomes.

eviti is already in use by national, local and federal health plans across the nation, and over 50% of oncology practices have used eviti since its launch in 2011. The results across all eviti, Inc. customers to date are an average of 96% compliance with evidence-based care. Compared to the historical national average of about 66% compliance with evidence-based care, this is a significant improvement in quality. And based on eviti, Inc.’s historical experience of approximately $21,000 overspend for non-evidence-based care, this translates into a significant cost savings for eviti customers. Peach State expects to achieve similar results.

About Peach State Health Plan

Peach State Health Plan (Peach State) is a Care Management Organization that serves the Medicaid and PeachCare for Kidspopulation in partnership with Georgia Families. Peach State is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise offering both core Medicaid and specialty services. Information regarding Peach State is available via the Internet at .

About eviti, Inc.

eviti, Inc. is a leading health information technology and clinical decision-support company delivering solutions to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce its cost. eviti represents the culmination of almost a decade of experience providing oncology treatment intelligence, uniquely delivering value to all parties in the care process by ensuring quality care is prescribed from the start.

eviti’s growing national prominence is evidenced by the 2,700+ practices already registered to use the eviti platform. eviti’s independent, non-proprietary digital oncology treatment library is one of the most comprehensive and current of its kind, meticulously compiled from the world’s leading sources. eviti’s treatment knowledge base and patent-pending decision-support engine help oncologists select a treatment option that is both evidence-based and compliant with each patient’s insurance plan language at the moment of prescribing. This transparent approach streamlines workflow and reimbursement, reduces variability in clinical care, and results in cost efficiencies. eviti allows the best cancer care to be available everywhere. For more information, visit .