Patients notified after email hack; Meaningful Use drives providers to third-party revenue cycle help;

> Officials at Charlotte, N.C.-based Carolinas Medical Center-Randolph are notifying 6,300 patients after a provider's email account was hacked, the hospital announced last week. The breach was discovered in early October, following an upgrade in the hospital's security software. Private information for approximately 5,600 patients was put in jeopardy, with an additional 700 receiving notification as a precaution. Announcement

> Individuals who purchase prescription drugs from no-prescription online pharmacies are at a greater risk for adverse events, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Researchers concluded lack of physician oversight of dosage schedules to be a key cause of events such as life-threatening seizures. Article

> A new report from KLAS concludes that initiatives including Meaningful Use and ICD-10 are driving an increasing number of providers to use revenue cycle services. "Providers are looking at every process in their revenue cycle," KLAS vice president of professional services research said in a statement. "Many are turning to third-party firms for extra help with everything from temporary project-based work to continual assistance with ongoing A/R follow-up or even full outsourcing of their revenue cycle department." Announcement

And Finally… This should go without saying. Article