Partnership offers genetic testing IT integration

Hospitals can now complete on-site genetic testing and integrate that data with their own information systems, thanks to a new technology partnership between Cerner, Protedyne and Correlagen Diagnostics. The technology package features Protodyne's Radius robot, Correlagen's GeneExplorer genetic testing software and Cerner's Millenium PathNet Helix software, which integrates everything with a hospital's EMR system. Correlagen provides testing software for a wide range of diseases, medical sub-specialties and gene types. The small and portable Radius robot can run multiple genetic tests to provide clinicians with results for patient diseases and drug responses. Protodyne scaled down its robotic technology, originally made for industrial laboratory environments, to make it easier and less expensive for hospitals to use, the company said.

Patient genetic results can be available via the hospital's EMR at any hospital workstation or as a printed report. Cerner has tailored its platform to meet the specific needs of molecular testing, based on the workflow pattern and the number of data prints, according to Fingado. Cerner will be the exclusive distributor of Correlagen's GeneExplorer and Fingado expects clients to be hospitals of various sizes and types, research facilities and genetic testing laboratories.

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