Orion Health™ Rhapsody® Integration Engine Enables Vermont’s HIE

Orion Health™ Rhapsody® Integration Engine Enables Vermont’s HIE

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Orion Health, a leading global, privately-owned health software organization, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) to incorporate its into the Vermont state-wide Health Information Exchange (HIE) which is running on Medicity’s HIE solution. VITL is the exclusive operator of the Vermont Health Information Exchange (HIE).

VITL has connected thirteen of Vermont's fourteen hospitals to the Vermont HIE, as well as three hospitals in neighboring states that provide services to Vermont patients. There are 162 Vermont physician practices participating in the exchange, receiving and sending clinical data from the electronic health record (EHR) systems. Each month, the Vermont HIE processes more than 2.5 million clinical messages, such as lab test results, radiology and other transcribed reports, and clinical data summaries.

“By incorporating Rhapsody Integration Engine into our HIE, we have significantly improved our ability to onboard new providers, which can now be done in days versus months,” said Michael Gagnon, Chief Technology Officer, VITL. “Rhapsody also adds to our technical strengths and integration capabilities, while delivering a better integration experience for clients. In addition, the Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine exceeded our requirements for reliability, scalability, ease of use, monitoring, alerting, and short learning curve perspective.”

“Many healthcare software vendors, HIEs, as well as our own state HIE customers use Rhapsody to provide integration between the various disparate clinical and financial systems that are deployed across these geographies and we’re pleased that VITL has chosen our solution,” said Harish Panchal, Vice President, Orion Health. “When Rhapsody is coupled or embedded into third party vendor product offerings, the combined solution offers fast and flexible integration capabilities eliminating custom development.”

For software vendor partners, Rhapsody assists them to:

Orion Health has over 1000 installations of Rhapsody worldwide. In the U.S., Rhapsody is used by many of the leading software vendors in both SaaS/Cloud computing and traditional embedded via onsite deployments.

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) is a non-profit organization that manages Vermont’s health information exchange (HIE) and assists health care providers statewide with the adoption and meaningful use of electronic health record (EHR) systems and other health information technology. The Vermont HIE connects EHR systems from the state’s hospitals, providers, independent practices, and other health care organizations in order to securely and effectively exchange patients’ clinical data to improve the quality of care delivery and reduce costs as well as to enhance patient safety and outcomes. For more information, please visit .

Founded in 1993 in Auckland, New Zealand, Orion Health is the only global, privately-owned eHealth technology company. With an inherent ability to interconnect a wide variety of healthcare information systems, Orion Health has become the world’s leading provider of health information exchange (HIE) and healthcare integration solutions. Today, Orion Health products and solutions are implemented in more than 30 countries, used by hundreds of thousands of clinicians, and help facilitate care for tens of millions of patients. Clinicians, provider facilities and OEM partners rely on Orion Health to facilitate data exchange between hospitals, health systems, HIEs, and affiliated providers and medical devices, resulting in improved care coordination, increased cost savings and efficiencies, and enhanced quality of care. In the U.S., Orion Health™ HIE provides the technology backbone for state and regional HIEs across the country. Orion Health Rhapsody® Integration Engine is used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and nearly every state and local health departments for public health reporting. For more information, visit . Connect with us on , and .

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