Open Humans Network lets people share health data with scientists; IoT grows lab testing;

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> A new online platform launched today that gives people the chance to share personal health information with scientists. The Open Humans Network allows participants to sign up online for studies, of which there are three currently available, and share their health data with those researchers, according to a Reuters article. However, participants' names are also attached to their data, creating privacy concerns. Article

> Using Internet of Things services will help to grow total global laboratory test over the next five years, according to ABI Research. Connected lab equipment helps labs streamline operation and increase efficiency, Ryan Harbison, research analyst at ABI Research, says in a Healthcare Innovation post. ABI Research expects a growth of 3.02 billion more diagnostic tests by 2020. Article

> Health technology is advancing care throughout the U.S.--including in Indian Country. New innovations have increased speed and access to care for American Indian communities, according to the Native Health News Alliance. However, challenges for these populations remain--including security of electronic health records and costs of telecommunications. Announcement

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> Millennials are poised to have a major influence on the direction of healthcare delivery due to their preference for technological innovation and convenient care models, according to a new PNC Healthcare survey. Article

> Hospitals in the Midwest have joined the growing number of medical facilities that are turning to video translation services to accommodate patients who speak little or no English. Article

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> As many as 95 percent of Americans will need to reconcile the advance premium tax credits they received to obtain health insurance in 2014, and the average amount of money in question is close to $775, according to a new issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Article

And Finally... Jurassic Park like you've never seen it before. Article