Online data can help determine if large events pose health risks; NIH launches 3-D print exchange website;

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> Analyzing data from the Internet, including Twitter and search-engine queries, can be used to create a way to survey whether a festival or other large event would pose a health risk, according to a study from the University College of London. Study

> The National Institutes of Health has launched a public website that enables users to share 3-D print files related to health and science. NIH Director Francis S. Collins calls 3-D printing "a potential game changer for medical research." Announcement

> HealthFusion's MediTough electronic health record is now the first EHR partner for the California Telehealth Network, according to a joint announcement. Announcement

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> Readmissions could drop as much as 20 percent if community pharmacists work with high-risk patients after discharge on counseling and medication management, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Cincinnati's James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy. Article

> A 2013 survey of 139 hospital chief financial officers revealed only 24 percent believed employing physicians would lead to a positive return on investment within the first two years of a physician hire. Hospitals & Health Networks shared the five A's of differentiating physicians to give hospitals a competitive advantage. Article

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> Accountable care organizations are taking hold across the country, blurring the line between healthcare insurers and providers so that payers as we know them may not exist a decade from now, according to a panel discussion at the ACO Summit in the District of Columbia. Article

And Finally... Well, it's no Shakespeare. Article