One Million Patients Engaged with PrescribeWellness Healthcare Communications Platform

One Million Patients Engaged with PrescribeWellness Healthcare Communications Platform

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PrescribeWellness today marked a significant milestone in the advancement of pharmacy-to-patient healthcare communications with more than one million patients now receiving automated messages to help increase immunizations, improve medication adherence and better manage their chronic diseases.

“The pharmacy in America is evolving from a medication dispensary to the center of wellness for the communities they serve,” said Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. “We are proud to provide the software and services for retail pharmacies to successfully transition to this new model, and deliver communications in the patient’s language of choice that serves their individual needs.”

Retail pharmacists are America’s most accessible healthcare professionals and are leading the preventive healthcare renaissance for the more than 200 million patients who walk into retail pharmacies every week. With primary care physicians pushed to the limit, the local pharmacist’s access, knowledge and trustworthiness in the community makes them the logical choice to help reverse the epidemic of chronic disease and serve as America’s preventive healthcare coaches.

“Influencing positive patient behavior is both an art and a science, and our system brings the personal touch to the provider-patient relationship,” said Dr. Terry Olson, VP of behavioral science for PrescribeWellness. “We were confident that patients’ ‘listen rates’ of messages from their local pharmacist would be high, but the results far exceeded our expectations. Patients respond to the voice of their pharmacist, and the communications with these first one million patients has allowed us to continuously improve outcomes.”

“My vision as a pharmacist is to develop a culture that keeps my patients happy and creates a healthier community,” said Pete Crouch, owner of Eden Drug Health Mart in Eden, N.C. “Wellness is the answer to our country’s healthcare crisis, and coaching preventive healthcare within our pharmacy with the PrescribeWellness system improves the customer experience and patient outcomes.”

PrescribeWellness was founded in 2010 with a mission of reducing healthcare costs and improving health in America. The company delivers cloud-based communications and facilitates collaboration of healthcare providers, family and other stakeholders to improve care and outcomes. Their services include population health, medication adherence, chronic disease management, and transitional care. For more information, visit .