Omtool, Leader in Document Capture and Workflow Technologies, Introduces Solutions to Streamline and Automate Back Office Processes for Healthcare Providers

Omtool to demonstrate new healthcare solutions for automating back office document processes during the 2013 International MUSE Conference.

Omtool, Leader in Document Capture and Workflow Technologies, Introduces Solutions to Streamline and Automate Back Office Processes for Healthcare Providers

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(OMTL.PK), the trusted provider of document process automation solutions, today announced the availability of enhanced document capture and workflow solutions to automate back office processes for healthcare providers. Omtool will demonstrate its new and Image-In™ healthcare solutions to MEDITECH users at the in National Harbor, MD, in booth #204. Omtool’s AccuRoute solutions are focused on providing cost-effective, low risk ways to overcome business office challenges, with a particular focus on the back office of hospitals.

The following are some of the to be showcased at MUSE:


Outdated workflows, manual processes, and legacy systems are causing healthcare organizations to spend large amounts of time searching for and entering invoice information. This can lead to costly errors, delays, and missed opportunities.

Omtool AccuRoute creates automated document processes to move invoices and related information quickly through approval cycles and into financial systems without having to file, make multiple copies, or rekey data. It captures invoices at the point of processing and shepherds those invoices through approval stages along with pertinent client and billing information.

Organizations have immediate access to active and archived invoices, allowing them immediate transparency to process invoices quicker and obtain quicker time-to-revenue while avoiding missed discount opportunities, costly late fees, process inefficiencies, higher costs per invoice, and poor vendor relationships.

While fax remains a popular method for healthcare providers to send, receive, and handle important documents that drive critical internal and external workflows, it also raises concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy. Many healthcare facilities are still faxing between departments and different floors of the same facility.

identifies, tracks, and records all document-related transactions and communications. are stored in a secure archive where they will remain and are easily accessible when needed.

A clear audit trail of who originated document communications, the content of those documents and the date and time they were submitted. Healthcare providers are able to secure confidential and private documents and facilitate quicker communications both within and outside their facilities.

From recruitment through onboarding and termination, healthcare staffing and HR management require document-intensive processes for your most important asset: your talented people. Traditionally this meant endless cycles of printing and copying as documents are reviewed, approved, processed, delivered, and updated.

With Omtool AccuRoute you can capture personnel information from any networked scan device, convert documents to a wide range of formats, and quickly, easily, and securely deliver them to desired destinations, applications, and/or archives.

Enjoy real-time access to the most accurate and up-to-date employee documentation. Further, with the Image-In workflow solutions, electronic employee files can be assembled and reviewed as documents arrive at different times from different locations.

From gauze to high-end surgical instruments, it’s critical for hospitals to have the necessary supplies and equipment essential to quality care and at low costs.

With Omtool AccuRoute you can better manage supplier contracts, identify opportunities for cost savings, and improve services by streamlining purchase processes.

Organizations can capture relevant information in one central location so their teams can easily make purchase requests, update information, and facilitate faster approvals so that they are always equipped with key essentials.

Manual and paper-intensive medical-claims processes can be costly, and expose you to the risk of potential overpayments, rejections, and denials caused by data entry errors.

Omtool AccuRoute automatically captures information from virtually any document and delivers it to the desired back-end system while eliminating the costs and delays of paper copies and distribution.

Organizations are able to effectively and efficiently manage the medical claims process so that information is accurate and available when it’s needed.

Through its innovative solutions and powerful integration capabilities, Omtool has been able to address all of these challenges and more.

While at the International MUSE Conference, Omtool will demonstrate and discuss how its document capture and workflow solutions can compliment existing environments and be leveraged by departments throughout healthcare organizations to automate document processes company-wide.

With over 20 years of leadership in document-related technologies, Omtool is helping the world's largest corporations and companies with document-intensive processes, cost-effectively solve their document process automation problems. Omtool's award-winning solutions are built upon an expanding platform of secure and scalable document capture, processing, delivery, and archive capabilities. Omtool customers include some of the world's largest financial institutions, hundreds of healthcare providers and legal firms, and companies across virtually every industry. By partnering with Omtool, our customers reduce the costs, complexity, compliance risks, and environmental footprints associated with critical business processes that involve paper documents. Based in Andover, Mass., with offices in the United Kingdom, and with world-class global customer support, Omtool can be contacted at 1-800-886-7845 or at

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