Nuance Receives High KLAS Rankings for Quality and Clinical Documentation Improvement Offerings

Healthcare Clients Demonstrate Confidence and Satisfaction with Nuance Driving Better Patient Care and Regulatory Reporting

Nuance Receives High KLAS Rankings for Quality and Clinical Documentation Improvement Offerings

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(NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that it has been rated #1 for regulatory reporting in the industry report, “,” issued by KLAS Enterprises. The report surveyed more than 200 healthcare providers on their satisfaction with vendors’ quality management offerings, including regulatory reporting, benchmarking, safety/risk management, and effectiveness in improving patient care. This is Nuance’s second recent KLAS accolade as their J. A. Thomas & Associates clinical documentation improvement (CDI) solutions unit was recently one of the highest ranked in the report “.” When KLAS looked at vendors with more than 50 recent client implementations, Nuance CDI outperformed the others. This demonstrates solution scalability, a factor that KLAS highlights as setting CDI firms apart.

Nuance is the only health IT vendor highly rated in both of these KLAS reports, as well as the recent “Hospital-Based CAC 2014: Minimizing the Productivity Gap” report, in which the Nuance Computer-Assisted Coding solution also performed well with clients demonstrating strong productivity gains, based on preliminary data.

Collectively, the company has demonstrated a strong leadership position in that help healthcare organizations successfully meet industry challenges including ICD-10 planning and productivity improvements, and increased focus on quality outcomes, regulatory compliance, and appropriate reimbursement.

“The future of healthcare is largely dependent on the shift to value-based payment models,” explains ,national medical director, Nuance Communications. “Healthcare organizations are looking to implement streamlined solutions that can help them accurately capture the severity of their patients' conditions, and measure and report the level of care their clinicians are providing to ensure their organizations are reimbursed appropriately. Additionally, they are reporting core measures and quality metrics to CMS and Joint Commission, and face state and federal oversight to ensure they are taking steps to keep patients safe and optimize care.”

Nuance had the highest ratings in regulatory reporting – a category that requires vendors to keep up with frequent requirements changes in order to ensure both accuracy and timeliness. The KLAS Quality Management report found that 100 percent of Nuance clients rely on this functionality, compared to the industry average of 74 percent.

“Nuance's two best strengths are ease of use and customer service. If we have a concern or a problem, they are right on it, and they help us out as much as they can. They do very well with communicating what is new, what is coming down the road, and how it is going to affect us. They are always there when we need them,” says one Nuance client in the report.

Nuance’s end-to-end CDI solutions have helped more than 500 hospitals improve clinical documentation through a physician-centered approach that focuses on documentation at the point of care, resulting in more accurate and complete patient records. In July, . This award was based on client experience and customer satisfaction reported during interviews with more than 2,600 healthcare CFOs, CIOs, and business and financial staff members.

Additional information on the Nuance solutions, , , , featured in these recent KLAS reports is available, including a white paper on how as well as one on “.”

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