NH governor backs e-prescribing

Working with a coalition of doctors, pharmacists, hospital heads and insurance execs, New Hampshire governor John Lynch has announced an effort intended to bring all of the state's doctors e-prescribing capabilities by October of next year. Lynch is emphasizing the safety and cost benefits of e-prescribing, which Institute of Medicine research has shown to reduce prescribing errors. The plan, which is designed to bring all other clinicians online by October 2008, is part of a larger pay-for-performance program backed by Lynch's Citizens Health Initiative. The CHI is working with the state's health plans to devise P4P incentives, some of which will reward use of e-prescribing and EMRs. The group is also working to promote the development of a statewide health information network.

Get more background on the New Hampshire initiative:
- read this article from the New Hampshire Union Leader
see Gov. Lynch's press release
- check out the Citizens Health Initiative site

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