Next IT Honored by Future of Health Technology Institute (FHTI)

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Next IT Honored by Future of Health Technology Institute (FHTI)

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, the world’s leading provider of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), is proud to announce that its healthcare technology has received Lead Product Recognition from the Future of Health Technology Institute (), a leading health technology think tank dedicated to defining the health technology agenda for the 21 century.

The award was presented to Next IT Founder and CEO Fred Brown at the FHTI’s 18 annual Future of Health Technology Summit™, held on May 6th in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and honored Next IT’s virtual health assistant technology, which is built on the company’s natural language Alme platform.

“Alme-inspired virtual health assistants will help organizations achieve an 80 percent or higher success rate in facilitating conversations that have previously been conducted only by humans and, importantly, will exceed 99 percent accuracy in managing those conversations,” said Brown.

“We need to design future healthcare the way consumers like it, smart and connected,” said Renata Bushko, Founder of the FHTI and editor of the book predicting arrival of virtual health assistants. “Mobile virtual health coaches and assistants are here to stay for the simple reason that they are inexpensive, accurate, tireless and available 24/7.”

The Future of Health Technology Institute in Hopkinton, Mass., is the leading health technology think tank dedicated to defining the health technology agenda for the 21st century. The institute was established to identify the most promising technologies to improve the quality of healthcare and to define promising health technology research areas needed to meet future health challenges. Renata Bushko () has chaired annual Future of Health Technology summits since founding the institute in 1996. These summits engage creative minds from the technology and health fields in envisioning the future of technology for global healthcare and happier, longer lives. Twitter: @FutureofHealth, #FHTI, ; YouTube: .

Next IT delivers solutions that revolutionize how technology interacts with people. Their Alme natural language platform allows users to interact with any device or channel, empowering them to get more done by doing what is most natural—having a conversation. Talk, type, or tap and Next IT’s industry-leading intelligent virtual assistants will provide answers with guaranteed accuracy. Some of the world’s largest organizations rely on Next IT to deliver an excellent customer service experience that boosts satisfaction, retention and profitability, including Aetna, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Amtrak, Gonzaga University, U.S. Army and BECU.

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