New Year's promises from the FierceHealthIT team

FierceHealthIT started the New Year off with an exciting new venture as we began publishing our FierceHealthIT e-newsletter daily. The coming years are going to be challenging ones for healthcare IT professionals. Our hope is that we can help make them at least a little easier. To that end, we promise that we will continue to respect your time (and your inbox) by serving up only the most important news of the day--stories and features that will help you do your job better.

In fact, I'd like to make a few more promises, as well:

Promise No. 1: No more "year-in-review" stories

It's human nature to look back on the year that's just passed and to look forward to the year newly begun. But by the end of the first week in January, they start to get a little old. Rather than overwhelming readers with looking back and looking forward stories this week, we published two roundups instead. Check out the 2011 healthcare IT year in review and the 2012 healthcare IT predictions mashup.

And that (for the rest of 2012 at least) concludes our coverage of 2011. I promise.

Promise No. 2: More words from your peers

This week's coverage included articles with expert advice and information from the type of source that we think you, as a reader, trust most: Your peers. One of the articles, "Texas Health Care's Dr. James Parker: Physicians need to 'shepherd' Meaningful Use," features a Q&A with Texas Health Care's "Meaningful Use doctor." Frankly, we could write 100 generic stories about Meaningful Use attestation. But I hope that hearing about it first-hand from someone who has shepherded 96 physicians (and counting) through the process provides you with insight that complements our news coverage.

We also published this week an exclusive opinion piece by H. Stephen Lieber, HIMSS president and CEO. His brand of thought leadership is much needed in these turbulent times.

I hope you'll help us keep our promise of delivering more of these peer-to-peer resources in the future. If you'd like to contribute, please reach out to us with your ideas.

Promise No. 3: No quarter for LinkedIn spammers

I also wanted to point out that we have created a LinkedIn community for healthcare IT professionals, the Health IT Idea Exchange.

Because we want to ensure the group discussions are lively, helpful and meaningful, we have recently changed the settings so that posts and comments are moderated. (We did the same for our main healthcare group, the Healthcare Leader Idea Exchange.) We hope you'll share your questions, comments, opinions, ideas and peer-to-peer expertise in this group. We'll not only make sure to stay on top of spam but we'll also make sure all relevant contributions are posted in a timely manner. And yes, that's a promise.

I hope you enjoy our new daily coverage of health IT, and that you join the conversation in the comments section on our stories, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook and Twitter. - Gienna

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