New OB/GYN Practice Selects Intergy Meaningful Use Edition from Vitera Healthcare Solutions

New practice to focus on efficient workflow and patient care as its competitive advantage

New OB/GYN Practice Selects Intergy Meaningful Use Edition from Vitera Healthcare Solutions

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Vitera Healthcare Solutions, the nation’s premier provider of ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) and practice management software and services, announced today that Women’s Healthcare Associates of Lafayette, LA, a new OB/GYN practice, selected Vitera to optimize practice performance, ensure the safety of its patient data, and help deliver better patient care.

The practice chose Vitera Intergy Meaningful Use Edition, a fully hosted, integrated EHR and practice management system, to position its business for growth, profitability and improved patient outcomes.

Vitera Intergy also includes Practice Analytics and Patient Portal, designed to give physicians insight into their practices and to better engage patients.

“Choosing Vitera’s Intergy hosted solution was the right answer for our practice’s patient care needs,” said Opal E. LeBlanc, MD, Women’s Healthcare Associates of Lafayette. “Our office is excited about the efficiency Vitera Intergy will bring to our workflow and looking forward to implementation.”

Vitera Intergy provides office-based physicians with a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace by cutting the cost of managing a practice while improving overall accounts receivable performance, simplifying workflow and focusing operations on patients instead of paperwork.

Hosted by Vitera at its state-of-the art data center, Vitera Intergy eliminates IT costs and data security concerns. It also provides greater control over the revenue cycle, reducing claim denials and the number of days from claims submission to payment. In addition, because it’s designed with pre-configured workflows for dozens of specialties, including OB/GYN, Vitera Intergy allows physicians to see more patients and provide better care.

“We look forward to helping Women’s Healthcare Associates of Lafayette focus on workflow, claims control and data security as key strategies for alleviating financial and regulatory pressures,” said Matthew J. Hawkins, CEO of Vitera. “Physicians today need peace of mind that their practice management and EHR system — the backbone of their business — gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace and helps them do what they do best: provide great care to their patients.”

Vitera Intergy Meaningful Use Edition also allows physicians to attest for Meaningful Use and earn incentive dollars. Vitera has helped over 4,100 eligible medical professionals secure more than $91 million in Stage 1 Meaningful Use incentive payments.

To find out more about the business advantages of Vitera Intergy Meaningful Use Edition Hosted Service, visit .

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