New Mobile App Details Chronic Disease Economics and Impact in the United States

<0> New Mobile App Details Chronic Disease Economics and Impact in the United States </0>

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The  (PFCD) today announced the release of the 2013 , a powerful tool for policy makers, healthcare professionals, academics and other stakeholders to raise awareness of the impact of chronic disease in the United States.

Chronic diseases and conditions – such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, depression, and diabetes – are the leading causes of death, disability, and rising healthcare costs in America. In 2009, 145 million Americans – almost half of the population – were living with at least one chronic condition. According to the World Health Organization, almost 9 out of every 10 deaths are attributable to chronic disease.

This Almanac highlights the significant impact of chronic disease to the U.S. healthcare system, individuals and the economy as well as the growing movement to counter this epidemic. Featuring an interactive display on the prevalence of a variety of chronic conditions and risk factors, real data at a National or State level is illustrated by mapping trends across the country.

“For many Americans, rising health costs jeopardize the affordability of insurance coverage and lead to high rates of personal bankruptcies,” said Ken Thorpe, PFCD Chairman. “This almanac and interactive data tool has been designed to arm patients, providers and policymakers alike with information that can better educate them as they make important healthcare decisions.”

Download the Interactive Data Tool

Watch the video: PFCD Chairman Kenneth Thorpe, Ph.D. introduces the Almanac of Chronic Disease

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About the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

The (PFCD) is an internationally-recognized NGO of patients, providers, community organizations, business and labor groups, and health policy experts committed to raising awareness of the number one cause of death, disability, and rising health care costs: chronic disease. For a collection of statistics and commentary on the impact of chronic disease, please visit .

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