MyMediConnect Offers Displaced Google Health Users Free, Simple Conversion Process for Transferring Personal Health Record

  • Personal Health Record Portal Features User-Friendly Interface and HIPPA-compliant Security Standards
  • myMediConnect by MediConnect Global is One of Only Four PHR Platforms Selected for Medicare PHR Choice Pilot Program
  • Users Can Benefit from MediConnect Global’s Expertise as One of First and Largest Health Information Exchanges
  • Continued Strong Growth Expected for myMediConnect Despite Uncertainties among Other Companies Offering Personal Health Record Services

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In response to the quickly approaching deadline for displaced Google Health users who will no longer be able to use the platform after the first of the year, MediConnect Global today announced that not only will it offer all Google Health users a free myMediConnect account, but it has also created a new tool for easily transferring and converting their data to the myMediConnect personal health record (PHR). This is important because Google announced earlier this year that its users would no longer be able to view, edit or add data on their Google Health account after January 1, 2012.

To transfer their personal health information, users first create a free account at They then download their Continuity of Care Record (CCR) from their Google Health account and simply upload the same file into myMediConnect. Once uploaded, the information is accessible via myMediConnect’s easy-to-use interface and provides users quick access to any personal medical data contained in their CCR, such as medical conditions, medications, allergies, procedures and surgeries, vaccinations, doctors, insurance data, personal information, and family/social history.

“MyMediConnect is a pioneer in the development of the PHR industry, and we are committed to providing the best possible system for managing personal healthcare information for many years to come,” said Amy Rees Anderson, CEO of MediConnect Global. “The market is simply shifting in favor of companies that offer customers what they value most in a PHR — a user-friendly interface provided by a company they can trust to protect their privacy. We offer both, in addition to a solid 15-year history of expertise in innovative and secure health record retrieval, management and exchange.”

After users have uploaded their health information into myMediConnect’s HIPAA-compliant online environment, essential elements of their medical records can be easily extracted and a consolidated summary of the user’s complete health picture is generated. The user can then share the information with a healthcare provider by secured email, printing it or downloading it to a miniature Flash drive. The myMediConnect website has also been optimized and is viewable on tablets and mobile devices such as the iPad or iPhone.

In addition to a summary of their entire health picture, myMediConnect provides users a number of useful features, including, among others, a prescription reminder, a wellness tracker and an education center. This unique blend of services provides a customizable experience based on the individual’s health needs and goals.

MyMediConnect is the most user-friendly and robust PHR available. Along with Google Health, it was one of only four PHRs selected by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for its Medicare PHR Choice pilot program. Of the four PHRs in the pilot, myMediConnect offers the widest range of capabilities, and benefits from MediConnect's expertise as one of the first and largest health information exchanges.

“As advances in health technology continue, individuals will become more active participants in the management of their personal health because it will become easier and more natural to do so,” said Anderson. “We are committed to helping individuals in this process and are confident that PHRs such as myMediConnect will play a critical role in the future of personal healthcare management.”

For more information or to sign up for a free account and take advantage of any of the many options available for importing medical records, visit

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MyMediConnect (, MediConnect Global's personal health record (PHR) and consumer division, offers a highly secure online consumer health portal that gives users a centralized and easy-to-use repository for all of their personal and family health information. myMediConnect's multiple features and services empower individuals everywhere to take ownership of and control over their own healthcare in a fully HIPAA-compliant environment.

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MediConnect Global Inc. ( is the worldwide leader in innovative medical record retrieval, digitization and management for organizations and individuals. As one of the largest cloud-based health information exchanges, MediConnect uses patented delivery processes to help organizations turn inefficient processes into centralized, Web-based workflows that increase project transparency and dramatically reduce time and cost. The company is equally committed to empowering individuals to take control of their own healthcare, which begins with ownership of the information found on their medical records. All MediConnect users benefit from the largest single repository of medical records gathered from throughout the world—approaching 10 million strong. All MediConnect products and services feature strong HIPAA standards-based security.


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