MRI scans can provide earlier dyslexia diagnosis; Hand cream reduces radiation exposure for interventionalist radiologists;

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> A new study shows that MRI brain scans might be able to diagnose dyslexia earlier than conventional methods. The disorder affects about 10 percent of Americans, and is usually diagnosed by the time a child gets to the second grade. Now, researchers have determined that there could be a link between poor reading skills and the size of brain structures (the arcuate fasciculus) associated with language and learning. The results were published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Announcement

> A bismuth-oxide-based hand cream approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could help shield interventionalist radiologists from radiation exposure, reported. BloXR's Ultra Blox X-ray attenuating cream is designed to be used during procedures such as fluoroscopy or other image-guided interventions and should reduce radiation exposure to the hands between 50 and 84 percent up to levels of 130 kVp. Article

> A study out of the University of Virginia Health System has found that focused ultrasound, guided by MRI, can be used to reduce hand shaking associated with essential tremor, Medscape Medical News reported. The noninvasive procedure focuses sound waves on a single sight deep into the thalamus, deep into the brain. According to the researchers, as a result of the treatment, patients were better at carrying out everyday tasks, such as brushing their teeth or drinking a cup of coffee. Article

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> Electronic health record provider athenahealth's recently published Physician Sentiment Index report finds that although most physicians believe EHRs can improve outcomes, more than half also say that the cost of such tools outweighs their benefit. Article

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> Ohio is the most populous state whose leadership has yet to decide whether to fully embrace the Affordable Care Act. It stands to lose money if it doesn't expand its Medicaid program. Article

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